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21 June 2011


Account Deleted

Love love love your blog.
Might I suggest Afghan Rugs in Super Market?

I have been an Unaccompanied woman in many countries and your insights about China and Islamabad make me laugh out loud.

Given your love of both, I would be happy to take you to a dinner of Chinese dumplings in the 'Bad ...while you are here.

A Canadian woman A broad


Well Cathy! I like both those ideas! I like Afghan carpet and chinese dumplings! drop me an email at cequirk2002 at yahoo dot com I am here for another week unaccompanied and am always seeking chinese food and nice carpets.

Account Deleted

i am a Turkmen, carpet seller in super market since 1985, and i was creating my website and while exploring i came through your blog, i enjoyed reading it, i m not so good at english due to i am an afghan turkmen myself, we came to pakistan as refugee in early 80's, worst days of life, started with carpet washing and then carpet dealing in peshawar, and finally life kinda stopped in 85 when we opened our shop in super market, the oldest carpet shop in area.
i am really glad people like afghan carpets and still buy in a place like pakistan, in 26 years of business here, every next year we thought carpet business is finished here but it never happend maybe because this is the only source of income.
and not to be rude, its not we like or any one will like showing more then 172 carpets in this heat to someone who just comes to bug or passing time,

but i welcome all the carpet lovers no matter who they are, to any afghan turkmen shops no matter if they buy or not, we will serve them with tea n smiling faces and spend hours telling them about our carpets and culture. this is not business this is part of us, part of our tradition n culture, we are harmless & peace loving people...
i recommend all carpet shops owned but afghan turkmen's. all of them have their own taste collected carpets, no one else knows carpet better then turkmen's...


what unaccompanied lady needs is a big dick in her ass. she sounds like the type of person who think other regions of people are inferior to her. there is a suitable word for customer like this, "bitch". she is the type of person who hasn't done anything her life but is fortunate enough to marry a rich idiot who gives her money to travel the world and bother the people in bazaars. now what i recommend for the unaccompanied lady is to carry a dildo with her to whenever she feels like a bitch, put that dildo in your mouth. enjoy your trip :)


Why do you think the unaccompanied lady doesn't like to have her bags searched? But thanks for the advice!

Account Deleted

Touché! That should go on some kind of top 10 responses to idiotic commenters list.

Account Deleted

This is hilarious. Bookmarked!

Jes Skillman

How did I miss this?


You had me at "greasy ghee meat sweats" - LOL. Keep up the caustic commentary, loving it.

We would post that photo at toemail if you do not mind?


Uh, ok, as long as you link to the post and aren't, you know, kinky/weird about it.

Lol, we try hard to avoid that sort of thing actually. Thanks!

It's posted now and we hope you like it! Thanks so much for participating in toemail - we really appreciate it!

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