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29 May 2012


Account Deleted

Yep, strange but true. I'm glad you liked Musafir. The last time I was in there, what appeared to be a big tour group of Indians blew in, scarfed down heaping plates from the open buffet, and left.

The other Korean restaurant in Talimhane (the one connected to a Korean karaoke bar) is also good. Where is the Chinese place? I am willing to test it out.

Re: Indochine, that's lame and yes, low expectations are a good idea. I went a few weeks ago and while the atmosphere was nice, the server seemed a bit addled. We got off to a good start with some fairly tasty spring rolls but the entrees, while cooked with what seemed like fresh ingredients and not unpalatable, were missing something. I just read the review in Time Out the other day and realized why: The chef told the reviewer he doesn't use fish sauce because he doesn't want to put off palates that aren't used to it. Yani, Vietnamese değil!

Account Deleted

Don't waste your time or money at Indochine!

The pho is all wrong— the chef admitted to me that he learned how to cook Vietnamese food in America, and if I remember correctly, he had not been to Vietnam.

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