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27 November 2012


Ooh, I get so excited when you post about Georgia! Georgian wine is fabulous, isn't it? Next time you go to Kakheti, two recommendations:

1. Twins Old Cellar Winery in Napareuli. Incredibly cheap homemade wine (served in repurposed water-cooler water bottles), amazing food (order in advance), and rooms were just 50 GEL per room as of last April. They also hook you up with a great English-speaking car/driver/guide for 75 GEL a day.

2. This random restaurant in Sighnaghi. I'm not sure what it's called, but it looks like a treehouse and it's on the downward-sloping street leading out just past Hotel Solomon (Tamar Mepe St?). The wine there is absolutely incredible - the red tastes like chocolate coffee!


As happens so often, you sum up my feelings about a place perfectly. I've only been to Georgia twice but between the best skiing of my life and a wine-soaked and caviar-dumped visit to a medieval monastery in eastern Georgia I really have yet to find a place so consistently pleasing.

Importantly: if you haven't already, you really must go skiing in Gudauri. Three nights at Skiniki in the winter of 2010 - with ski rental, private room, and two meals a day included - set me back 75 euro total. Almost as sweet as drinkable wine east of France and west of Australia for under $10 a bottle.

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