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27 January 2007



A good bagel is hard to find - nay, impossible even in places where there are a lot of Jews. Except I guess if you are an expat living on 2nd Avenue.


Hooray for lentil soup! Have to say I'm jealous of your being an expat in Turkey. I leave for Diyarbakir in 4 weeks and will shoot you an email once I'm coming in the direction of Constantinople.


so true. when she was travelling about south east asia, enid learnt the same lesson with tea and coffee. once you stop trying to get the exact amount of milk (a little, semi-skimmed) and sugar (none), and accept that in this country it's black and sweet, and in this one it comes with half a pint of condensed milk, then you find true happiness.


passable, sweetish, boiled bagels can be found at TRIBECA in nisantasi and yenikoy and other places ...


Just moving in to an apartment in Cairo. Just telling myself to chill. That's my new mantra - "just chill". And so far it works. As for Bagels - there's a shop here in Maadi known as Jared's Bagels and they're not bad. I'm not a bagel person though.


Vagabondblogger, I hope that mantra works for you in Cairo. I know I would have to supplement it with valium and vodka martinis if I lived there. I spent my third day alone here in solitary confinement due to new-city over-stimulation. It worked though. Sometimes you just have to spend a quiet day inside, alone. Good luck~


Sigh...this desire thing--depressing but true, methinks. I enjoyed reading your take on it, though.

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