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30 January 2007



Oh! When I leave the keys in either of the locks, Mr Moi can't unlock from the outside. He rings the melodious bird-whistle doorbell, but I often ignore that because it's invariably a cranky babushka who wants to give me a bill, check my electricity meter or admonish me for not having children. And when you're in your pyjamas at 5:00pm, you just don't want to give a babushka another reason to scold. Or a husband, for that matter.


I think this whole relationship with the Producer isn't going to work.


I have a canary doorbell now too, Brooke! The carpetdogs haven't really figured it out yet. The key in the lock can also be a problem.

I have a rule now: must be showered by 11 am. 'Cause if you're not showered by 11, you might as well admit that it's not going to happen. Of course, there is no enforcement mechanism, and no one is going to notice if I don't shower for 5 days.

CD -- I wrote up the divorce proceedings in my head that morning, hoping that Azerbaijan was not one of those "no-fault" places. Most people would agree, I think, that this was a worse transgression than abandonment or adultery.

Andre Pineda

Barkeep? I'll have one of what the Producer is having...


you might not even notice adultery! much worse than being locked in, anyway. enid's only disappointed that she didn't learn as many sharp words as she expected, for the man's future benefit.

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