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16 February 2007


Kate the Trailing Spouse

Don't underestimate the cravings for adventurous living harbored by bored surburban Americans.

Write a book and hire an army of FSU Gram Parsons impersonators with the proceeds.

In your book, you can have one of those photo centerfolds with the scraggly-ass Santa in Baku photo in the middle. If I was in Borders, I would buy the book on the sole merits of that particular photo. Maybe it should be on the cover?

Putting together the book wouldn't be that hard. I picture it as a Tim O'Brian-like compilation of short travel/war stories coming together to make a short novel. You could borrow liberally from your own blog, fill in the details and throw in a few pictures. It would be easier than learning how to say "contaminated peanut butter" in Turkish.


Since you say you have nothing better to do, have you thought of selling your creative wit to those of us who may not have such wit but do have know-how? I need a number of things which I think you could dream up which I cannot seem to do for myself. Email me if this could be your calling, we can talk trash and come to an agreement. Thanks!


Carptetblogger wrote: " My 40th birthday is approximately 17 months away and the Producer is no closer to making this happen than he was when he agreed to it."

Now CB. I can go along with 'top lock abuse' - a whole new category of domestic violence. This is indeed a pioneering blog.

But failure to find a GP impersonator? How many people these days look like Gram, let alone can sing and play guitar while completely stoned. According to Phil Kauffman's 'Road Mangler' book, even Gram couldn't do it.

I suggest a reprieve for the Producer. He should hire the Desert Rose Band for your birthday. I'm sure Chris Hillman still has his old Nudie suit. And since he's clean these days, you won't have to put ice cubes up his butt at the end of the set.


Yah, I was there. It was in that little fish place on, what's it called, you go up from Independence via the fish market, then turn right, and on the right hand side just before the first corner - anyway, it was last time I was there, right after I shaved, and about 4 beers and a half a bottle of the rak. At least, this was when I first heard about it. And then I think I volunteered to be Gram, which means no haircuts between now and then, assuming a crew-cut Gram isn't what you want, which how could it be. I can make it to Stamboul, of course - that where you gonna be?

Anyway. I will have one of the silk suits converted - I need a better picture, though, and where the hell do I get that sweet embroidery? Thank God for combat zones, or I wouldn't have the slave labor to get 'er done.

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