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26 February 2007


Little Miss Moi

The cheer squad is looking remarkably nonplussed this morning. They made me laugh (with them, not at them).


that photo took a disturbing amount of staging, cajoling, bribing. They hate the spotlight.

Kim H

Really love your blog-- and the footstool-- and the carpet-- and the dogs!


Love those dogs! I noticed the question mark next to Pioneer Woman, since you asked, she's in Oklahoma.


well, enid would expect nothing less from a carpetblogger, but those carpets are cool. stalin and fluffy say hi to the carpetdogs, who look a whole lot better balanced than they are.


sure, if by balanced you mean, "getting kicked out of obedience school twice and failing once," and "peeing on his grandmother's leg for no good reason at all." Both incidents have been pointed to as examples of bad parenting on my part, particularly by the leg-peeing victim.

Given that we practically lived across the street from each other, Enid, it surprises me I never got attack...er...saw Fluffy and Stalin out walking.


flunking out of obedience school, TWICE, is one of my favorite things about mo. we understand each other. love you too whitney.


I like the view. It hints of fat Turkish moms inside, in their kitchens, cooking up a tasty Turkish meal. Have any of your neighbors invited you over for a feed?


enid only moved into her current abode in september - when did you leave the country? stalin and fluffy seem to be well known by the local tiny dog brigade, who bustle their mini pooches aside when they see the big black beasts approaching. stalin approves of peeing on legs. he did it off the balcony recently, when enid was feeling too ill to walk him. she hopes no one was below.


We moved in January, having lived the whole year at the corner of Kryshatyk and Proriznaya -- right across from the Drum. We were regulars at Shevchenko and Volodomyrska parks and the one above Maidan, though we were under self imposed exile from Volodomyrska for a while after an.....incident.

That's exactly what my view is all about -- Turkish housewives doing all day what Turkish housewives do. There are a lot of foreigners in my building and young professional Turks, so I haven't gotten any invites, though I have been brought several plates of food. Plates which I returned EMPTY -- a major faux pas, apparently.

chris B

Hi I came via little miss moi. I could feel right at home in your blogging environment and what beautiful support staff you have.


And here I thought I was the only blogger with an Australian Shepherd as an assistant...

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