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25 March 2007



This is where Pristina is much more civilised. To get pork you just jump into a car and go to the nearest Serb village 5 minutes away, which is very happy to service the infidel invaders. At least, the pork restaurants make a large contribution to the local economy and are quite often fully of army types in full uniform.

No wonder the Serbs are against independence and the withdrawal of the UN army.


Thank you for this great laugh of the day! I have known people who were mugged in the streets and they were only on the main road next to Dolapdere. Glad you were safe that day!


I know Carpy must follow his devil, as any great writer. But this pearl deserved more, a description of the Greek shopper, say, whatever.


how were the prices? Pork meat is so expensive in Istanbul. You'd think that since it's forbidden, it would be dirt cheap. Nice post :)


Sorry but I must say it: gross! :) Amid the best food in the world, to look for pork..must be a joke! :)


"sola" means "to left." I am glad you were able to find the place though! ;)


LOL, that is funny! Pork is soooo good when you are in a Muslim country. I flew to Malta one just to have canadian bacon when I was in the Margreb for four months.

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