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27 March 2007



Patsas (Tripe Soup) is the Greek version of Xas. As it was explained to us in Baku, it's made of beef hooves and some people include the brains (absolutely mad!) Our driver's wife made it for the Boss Man. (Why do Azeri women think they need to constantly cook up crappy dishes for men?) They also gave us pickled garlic, which was to be eaten with the Xas. We could see the actual white fat sections floating around after it was re-heated (heart attack in a jar.) Kokoretsi is the Greek version of kokorec - all intestines and since Easter will be upon us soon another great ass in a glass dish is Mayiritsa (liver and intestines). Personally, I stay away from that shit. Thank God for lentil soup!


I would be shocked if most Xas in AZ was made of beef. There are too few cows and plenty of sheep well past their sell-by date. Ever hear of haggard? It's the sheep that are too old to be considered mutton. It's a category that's considered quite edible in AZ and helps explain why I will never eat sheep again.


Sorry, I only ate meat at Manti (lamb) and Scallini's (Aussie beef?) and that was it (unless it was some imported sausage, etc). Our experiment with home cooked lamb and beef in AZ was disgusting. We could get it tender, but the beef tasted like shit - "you are what you eat." Otherwise I stuck to pork and chicken. But my driver specifically said the Xas was "beef." Old sheep are what Greeks call "mutton" and are definitely not on the menu - we only slaughter babies ("spring lamb.") You should start a seperate page for your food experimentations. You're certainly more adventerous in that respect, than I am.


I miss Xash a lot. It's better the next day after it congeals and becomes "Xolodets." Spread it like jelly on bread... mmmm fat and ligament jelly...


Jtapp, is that what Xolodets is? I was trying to find it on wikipedia, with no luck. Interestingly, Xas is described on the wiki as an Armenian delicacy. If I cared more, I'd update the posting.

And, VBB, I meant to say haggard is one step beyond mutton. Haggard is also probably one step ahead of "road kill."

Vilhelm Konnander

Dear Carpetblogger,

Personally, I devote myself to never asking what I get on my plate when travelling. It is better that way. Having had to put up with such delicacies as half-cooked oxe tongue for weeks on end as well as similar experiences, this approach might well be warranted for.

BTW, I miss an eulogy to the Turkish chicken breast pastry. ;)



Vilhelm Konnander

P.S. Not to be rude in any way, but isn't Khash the Armenian national dish? I guess though that it might be a matter of dispute as so often is the case between Armenians and Azeris. D.S.


A little known fact: the NK conflict was really over who can rightfully claim Xas as their national dish.

I have been looking for that chicken dessert. But truthfully, I haven't been looking all that hard. There is plenty of good food in Istanbul. There's no need to seek out things that are potentially gross.


I live in London and hae been eating Iskembe for quite a few years now. Unfortunately I have never eaten it for breakfast as a hangover cure though I would not be surprised if it was highly effective. I do know it is delicious along with bread and a plate full of pickles/olives

Raymond Cowie

Hi, I am in the process of writing an essay on national dishes and wondered if anyone could provide me with the exact recipe for this dish? Thank you.

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