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11 May 2007


Paula Webb

So what you're telling me is that the guys from Lord of the Rings and Zena Warrior Princess have all formed bands and they are battling it for world domination? Awesome! We are so getting Dish network!


I had completely forgotten about the Eurovision Song Contest where tactical voting with your neighbours is so important and the songs are a separate genre altogether (not making it to the record shops, except in home country). I hadn't watched one for years.

So I was shocked when in Vilnius a few years ago I was at some friends for dinner (who considered themselves very sophisticated and European) but nevertheless everything stopped for the Eurovision song contest and it was taken sooooo seriously. Despite the Lithuanian song being sung by an Irish girl in a band with a black American. Estonia won that year I think, and the Liths laughed because they would now have to pay for the next contest. Neighbourly solidarity for the voting quickly gave way to the usual Baltic sibling rivalry.


I actually like Ruslana, even have the CD. But while watching the Belrussian entrant, with such eloquent lyrics, eg "you set my beating heart in motion". I kept thinking he might want to see a doctor, a "swinging heart" is a sign of cardiac tamponade. I'm such a geek.
Somehow I have a higher tolerance of Euro-pop-dance, than American-pop-dance. It's not so bad if you don't understand the lyrics. And you have to give them points for highly orchestrated dance moves.


The French group sang partially in English. What's up with that? I think it was during their performance that I finally allowed my husband to change the channel. It seemed like most of the entries were either "folksy ethno-pop" (as you so accurately put it) or totally bizarre, sometimes a random combination of the two. Definitely one of the stranger Eurovision contests I've seen.


Apparently there was some rule change in recent years that allowed songs to be performed in English. Another reason why I supported Verka -- she sang in lots of languages, not one of them identifiable as English.

I'm really disappointed in my guest blogger. He was going to explain all the nuances of bloc voting, though it seems like maybe the old rules didn't apply this time.

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