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09 May 2007


Little Miss Moi

Dear carpetblogger. What's wrong with dangly earrings? Dangly earrings and skirts are my two concessions to femininity. Oh, and bras too, but that's for the good of the world, not me.


LMM, it might be too narrow of a cultural reference. There's a U.S. woman of a certain age, who's decided that hair color chemicals cause brain tumors, gets her accessories from weekend street markets that feature the works of local artisans, wears sensible shoes made of sustainably produced pleather and probably drives a Volvo station wagon. She is native to the Pacific Northwest. If you fit this description, I do apologize for the thinly veiled barb.

Little Miss Moi

Dear carpetblogger. Oh that's ok. I'm probably one of those stinky hippies. I'm just as your description, except my reasons (for flat shoes and no hair dye) are laziness and ultimate comfort, not ethical (ethical choices require too much energy). And in may case, replace 'work of local artisans' with 'bargain basement $2 shops'.

It was more the volvo reference that got me. In Australia, the dreaded soccer mum drives the volvo in order to ensure the safety of the screaming sprogs in the back. So, you see, I'd hate to be mistaken for...


enidd and carpetblogger had such similar experiences - what use is this successful hairdresser stuff when we have blogs to write? not that enidd really wanted all her hair to fall out.

oh, and what's wrong with highlights?

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