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05 May 2007



Al-J is cool. All I can say is, enjoy it while it lasts.

If you remember, CNN was cool in the nineties. Their coverage of the week you missed out on - when Yeltsin was shelling the Belya Dom - was riveting. Obviously you and the Producer were not staying in the Ukraina opposite. The CNN guys slept on the balconies and just left the cameras rolling for days.

Also - crazy to recall now - is that CNN, for its objectivity, used to be one of the only invited channels to cover events in 'wobbly' countries.

I can't pinpoint when the change came. Someone decided that TV news was all about short concentration spans. I noticed it first with the CNN weather reports - 'today it will be hot and dusty across most of Africa' . . . cut to Ramada hotel feature.

By the way, you're 90 years out on David Frost. He was 67 on April 7th. But yes, he hasn't been cool since the Sixties.


Yah, I remember when CNN was good, back during the first gulf war. Richard Quest makes my head explode as soon as he opens his mouth, but CNN-International is encyclopedic in its coverage compared to domestic CNN. As can a lot of things, blame for this can be placed squarely at the foot of Roger Ailes' (fox news) evil genius.


I totally agree that Al-Jazeera is the best around the block when it comes to news (and asthetics and style).

What me struck apart from all the things you say above was the amount of correspondents they have in really wacky places like Darfur and Somalia.

Also, these beautiful people on the programmes and in how far their English is as clean as the Queen's - until an Arab name or place crosses their lips - "Bakkkkhhhreiin"... Wonderful.


You're totally right, Ben. They ran a promo this am all about how they've got correspondents in far flung places (Vanuatu! Sweet gig, that one). And the reporters all look like adults too, with a great gender mix. The correspondent for that Kurdistan story spent at least a week there, and went up in the mtns to interview smugglers carrying booze into Iran on horseback. That's badass and the way television news should be reported.


We watch a lot of al-Jazeera too. They run the sort of great documentary-type programs that can eat up an entire evening. (And Kuala Lumpur is the HQ!). I'll admit I didn't mention our al-J propensities to Fox News-watching family when we were back in the States .... there's enough eyebrow-raising over the fact that we live in a Muslim-majority country as it is. I guess it'll just remain our dirty little secret.

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