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21 August 2007



Hey Carpetblogger it's me Leopolis. I've been in Istanbul for a week now checking out the carpet stores. Many foxes, indeed. It seems that the Grand Bazaar is the worst. Considering that you have good experience handling these guys, could you recommend your favorite stores to buy entry-level kilims, etc.?

BTW, I really am digging your blog especially now that I'm in Turkey. Cheers!


I had e-coli in Abu Dhabi and I think I picked it up close to a week before I actually showed symptoms. It can happen - read Fast Food Nation. So maybe it wasn't the fish. Hope you feel better.


Yes, e-coli is not to be messed with. Speaking from experience (Vietnam). Thanks for confirming my theory that severe food poisoning is more likely to be had from expensive meals than street food. (Also, I just generally found Bebek to be a very annoying 'hood.)


Bebek is totes annoying!

Normally I don't really try to figure out where it came from since there are usually so many possible sources, but three of us got sick to some degree after that dinner and we all had the blue fish.

James Vincent

The healthiest fish is green. Always.

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