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02 September 2007



That looks just like all the air conditioners here, in Cairo, in our apartment. They actually work pretty well. You should find out if they emit heat during the winter. We found out that ours do. BTW, klima is also the Greek word for weather.


I can really relate to this one. The first year in Greece we arrived in July after 5 years of cold summers in Lithuania. Why would we complain if August was too hot? The second summer was the Olympic Games so we were distracted. I had no Greek but this was not a problem, as you could buy a klima in Carrefour. But as far I knew there was no montaj.

So we just suffered because I couldn't face the effort of arranging the Greek service which wouldn't come, or wouldn't understand English etc. Also I couldn't convince myself we really needed it. Many people who had it said they didn't use it, but slept on the balcony or the roof. In the daytime you were already on the balcony or the roof so you didn't need it then. Anyway in August, the wind was blowing (specially for the forest fire arson).

The third year we were leaving so it didn't seem worth the bother.


It seems that tradesmen in Turkey do not work according to any 'Health and Safety' work cover legislation.

Do these tradespeople have any Work cover insurance, should they slip and injure themselves?


The klima may be the smartest thing I've done, maybe ever. And Varkse, I had all the same reservations you did. I just didn't want to deal. But I did and now I never want to leave my house.

Ardent, so are you saying I should have been concerned about something other than what would happen to my DVD player, TV and assorted tchotchkes should that IKEA bookshelf collapse under the Klima monkey? Hmmm. Nah.

VBB, apparently now klimas are becoming common in the US, according to my ancestors. I had never seen one before Baku, but they are everywhere there and in Kyiv too. And it does have heat, too, but I don't anticipate needing that since the house is full of gaz radiators. I'm not sure which is less environmentally harmful - electricity or gaz.


I have just so enjoyed reading your blog. I was an expat in the early '90's just after the first gulf war for 2.5 years and loved every minute of it - failed miserably with my turkish language course (mainly because I am bi-lingual german/english) - It was a fabulous posting and my favourite without a doubt. The Turkish people are so delightful and we were treated like family after a while - to the point that a quick business trip back to Istanbul 3 years later was met by "Hey, where have you been for so long - come for dinner!"

Lovely blog - I am looking forward to reading more.

PS I have some gorgeous carpets on my floors - the envy of every person that see them...


Hi Lynda -- thanks for the kind words. Based on your blog, you might also like my blogfriend Robin's (http://eatingasia.typepad.com/eatingasia/) and Confessions of a Pioneer Woman (http://pioneerwoman.typepad.com/confessions_of_a_pioneer_/). They're nothing alike, and nothing like your blog or mine, but I after reading yours, I thought you might like them.

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