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14 October 2007



just a little tip: it's either ramazan davulcusu or just davulcu (eg. Catch you next year, Davulcu). But in any case, they should be punished for their crimes.


Ah, yes. Accusative.


Something I always wished I had done when I was in Turkey, being awakened in the middle of the night by annoying, loud drummers: BARBECUE...all day long. (At least where I was, no A/C anywhere meant "windows open!") Because one good turn deserves another, right? ;-) (Pelting with eggs sounds more fun, though!)


Amen! Amen! I asked my neighbors if alarms did not work in Turkey. Once awakened, no more sleep for me. A week before bayram and without notice entered a case of grip still gripping me. Is this a case for the davulcu? I believe so because it was he who woke me up out of my not-so-somber sleep for three weeks running.

When he came to my door, I asked, "Do I pay someone who wakes me up each night for three weeks?" Not to mention that only a rare four lights were on in my neighborhood after davulcu went by. So here is the case for eating early!

I believe there should be an NGO to support these guys, so they don't interrupt me during the day or evening to repeatedly collect money. Amen!

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