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20 December 2007


Bulent Murtezaoglu

Turkish exercise for you. What does "Kurbanlarinizi Yoksu(llara) Ulastiriyoruz" mean?

Here's another fun bit for you. You probably have noticed by now the deep mistrust Turks hold for organized charities asking for donations. Turkish Red Crescent has a solution for that this year. You pay them for your 'kurban,' they slaughter it in front of a notary public, film it, make a VCD of the slaughter, and send you the 'evidence' along with 1/2 kg of the meat ('kavurma', not the spoilable fresh version). The rest goes to the poor. They figure this scheme will give them an edge over the other charities who don't provide such high-tech evidence of the good deed actually getting done. Here's the link:


On the other hand, when I mentioned this to a local shopkeeper he immediately theorized that they probably have three or four films of various animals getting slughtered a VCD duplication machine. Just has to be so, y'know, because, 'they' are always out to con us.


Bulent! I am so glad you responded. I knew you would give me the information I was looking for, and maybe even some I wasn't!

First of all, I cannot for the life of me figure out what Ulastirmak means in this context. Please translate!

Second of all, that story about the charity is 1000 kinds of awesome.

Bulent Murtezaoglu

Ulastirmak in that context roughly means to deliver. To my Turkish ear the meaning is more like "we make sure it reaches the poor."

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