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10 January 2008



I'll drink Yakut any day, over an Azeri wine.

villa luna

hey! don't go dissin' the moldovan wine! i've had me some plenty good stuff from there - made especially for me and classily "corked" in a plastic two-liter fanta bottle!


No dissing -- I said it was better than Turkish.

And VBB if my last wine choice was between Yakut and Seven Beauties I would begin suspect a message was being sent to me and I'd better find out who sent it and what I'd done wrong.


My wine preferences are directly related to the acidity of the wine. For some reason, Azeri wine gives me wretched heartburn, while the Yakut does not. Since living now in Cairo, I have taken a multitude of huge TUMS containers with me. It's the only way I can survive. It's not a problem with wines from some other countries either - maybe it's the grapes, or an additive?


My new years resolution/policy is no more Turkish wine or beer -- only vodka. I have put the policy through extensive testing in the last few weeks and it stands up -- minimal hangovers. My theory is it's the preservatives the Turks use. You CANNOT drink turkish vodka though. It's worse than beer/wine.

Paul Lawrence

Very persuasive arguments! Paul has had better commentary, for sure.

scary azeri

Quite funny. Since having relocated to the UK I realized how tasty wine can be. and when my father visited for the first time, I proudly bought some really good bottles to impress him. he drunk them happily, however upon returning to Baku, he confessed to my mother in secret, that one of the most disappointing things he experienced here was the wine. He said we had no idea what a good wine should taste like. I was amazed! But just shows it is what you are accustomed to, I guess. I would rather drink straight vodka than ANY of the Azeri wines.


Arifa Bixby

Have you ever tried Seven Beauties???? It is the best wine in the world - it is not just my Azeri opinion,but everyone who tastes it says the same thing, so have a little more respect for Azeri wines!

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