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08 January 2008



Your guts are someone else's food porn.

Kim H

Ewwwwwwwww. We also have Kurkurec in Albania and so many dishes made with entrails etc. HUbby loves them all but they make me queasy.

BTW I've given you a Purple Lion Award on my blog for writing posts just like this one! Awesome work!


oh, I wish I could have kokorec now!!!!! I can not even bring myself to try from a street vendor, for sure. Got to go to Sampiyon in Istanbul or Kitir Pilic in Ankara. Same with the rest of the guts; unless they are prepared home (only my aunt can do it around me) there is no way I am touching that! I can eat no problem whatever she cooks out of them.


I tried and tried to get this in Istanbul. We would get hungry and I would say "lets go get some of that stuff that is all meat! It was on a horizontal skewer" My darling Turkish wife would always steer me in another direction. And I never knew why. And yet in America she lets me eat pork.

The next time I go to Istanbul I will get it. If I can eat "chitlins" I can eat Kokorec


Roy, you go crazy and report back to us how it goes.

I have to admit I am tempted to try the Kokorec. Sometimes I think it smells pretty good. I like the big Sampiyon complex down in Besiktas but I doubt I'd make a special trip. It seems like an impulse purchase, aided by booze. I have tried Kelle Paca and that was a big old yuck. I've had iskembe in enough other place to know better.

Pat Temiz

In Antalya there is a roadside shack that calls itself 'Kokorec Dunyasi' - that's World of Intestines for the non-Turkish speakers. Always amuses me.

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