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15 January 2008


Jayne Cravens

I was in Afghanistan from March - August 2007, and your blog represents everything I've been thinking since the Serena bombing. You nailed it with "well, that would never happen to me because I would never do X, Y or Z." And now, back to mourning the Serena and what was lost... which is more than is being reported...


Very, very sorry to hear about your friend. Your last paragraph left me speechless. I suspect that others feel the same, hence the lack of comments over such a thought provoking post. Last paragraph has been echoing in my mind for 24hrs.


My sympathies regarding your friend. I wonder how many people in the US read about this, even in the Times. I´ve been living in Spain for many years and I gave up a long time ago trying to inform people about ETA (the Times still refers to them as a "separatist" group, not terrorist. And I know the "I´d never". March 11 kind of knocked that out of people but still....take care. See you around Gawker.

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