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08 March 2008



Nasty - this post was a great way to keep people from coming to visit you! We were thinking about a trip to Istanbul this fall, but I think we're busy now...you know, washing our hair, doing our taxes, something I'm sure.


In order to properly dispose of or eliminate the infamous slug, one must pour the salt or beer directly on the slug, not in the general area. While wasting salt by applying it improperly may be acceptable, wasting beer for this purpose is hard to imagine. Shame on Carpetblogger for forgetting early life lessons.


For potential visitors to Carpetblog who are now planning to stay in a nearby hotel, you might wish to be aware that this smell persists even in a recently renovated 6th floor hotel bathroom.

If your petite and delicate noses are that sensitive, stay at home.


I call bullshit! Even with the increased-violence allowance for household-pets, this is far worse than stepping on a gecko tail.


Pests, that is. Not pets. Decreased allowance for pets, increased for pests.


Boy, yah, thanks for clarifying that. But I'm not sure I understand which part is BS? That i have slugs in my ground floor? That slugs can be killed with salt or beer? That I accepted jesus into my heart? That copulation occurs by hanging from the ceiling via slime tentacles? I know it's not the last one, since I could swear I heard you say that how you impregnated Jes......


Yes, I never understood why women describing men as ``slimeballs'' do so derisively. Anyways, get rid of that double-standard before you force me to send you pictures of primates with large teeth.


Hello carpetblogger! I did a google search to find out how to get rid of slugs, and I am so happy to have found this site! My family lives and works at Sammamish Bible Camp (Sambica) in Bellevue, WA. It's great to meet a sister in Turkey!


Welcome to Carpetblog, Sadie. This is the only post about slug management on Carpetblog, but given the challenges presented by them, I can't promise it will be the last.

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