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01 May 2008



Always nice to get an update on the hood! Wish I'd seen the tea garden scene.. all they needed was a proper Islamic funeral to take place on the marble slab that's next to the tea tables! Hope the dogs were spared any pepper spray!
cheers, S


Anilin red water was in use in Italy, when protesters-rioters were mostly commies, angry pro-soviet revolutionaries. But we had the post-fascists too, marching straght-arm against the commies in the street. The red water was meant to mark the bad busddies, - I red-paint you now, my pals will arrest and jail you in a matter of minutes-.
I presume Turkey will be asked to ban the red water, before entering the EU.

(P.S. Shall I break a couple of glass-windows at the office of the consul from Baku here? A later anonimous call in the night would warn the consul 'Remember of Carpetblogger'.

Paula Webb

After I read this post, I was talking to a friend who had read this:




I like the dress of riot police specially their gas-mask.


Where are the posts? It's 20th of May, the last one was 1 May. Did you succumb to tear gas?


Sigh. I know. I am creatively barren. My life is boring. I have nothing to say. I am going to Amerikastan tomorrow, so maybe something interesting will happen.

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