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28 June 2008



Too bad there's no third place game in the Euro Cup. I also wanted to see a Turkey-Russia game. Mostly because it would be exciting to see Russia reach the final, and Turkey would be a much more interesting opponent than Germany. Alas.


There is another soccer match to watch: 10 September Turkey against Armenia for qualification World Soccer 2010 SA..!
Hope everybody will be sweet for eachother...)


Of course, the Poles were supporting the team that Germany played against. But imagine if Russia played Germany. Who to hate on that one?

During World Cup/Eurocup, American fairweather fans have the tendency to support teams of nice, "study abroad" countries. England, Italy, Germany -- yes. Poland, Ukraine, Cote d'Ivoire -- hell no. I learned this the hard way during the 2006 World Cup semifinal being one of two schmucks with a Ukraine t-shirt at the bar in DC. Alas, no Ukrainian boobie exposure.

the Husband

You have obviously been out of the US for too long if you think soccer is only played by people under 11. Major League Soccer is growing and is the 6th best supported League in the world based on average attendance, the EURO 2008 was shown on ESPN with the final on abc, live. It will never be as big as the steriod infested professional snooze fests like NFL and MLB, although its more exciting then either.

Also people go to bars to actually watch the soccer, even here in New York many of the bars showing the soccer were packed mid afternoon with people watching the game, shy are you surprised and of course no one wants to talk, they are too busy passing their comments to the screen!!!

Also International matches are meant to bring the xenophobe out, thats what its all about, pride in the flag, the nation, the shirt and all perceived injustices are magnified. Of course being from the US its hard to understand when the World Series of Baseball is played between millionaire franchises who can be moved when their super rich owners are not given massive amounts of tax payers money to build a new stadium and because Toronto are in there its a World Series, please.....


6th most attended sport! How much oxygen ıs left in the room after Football, baseball, NASCAR and golf?


Never seen a soccer game? When your college team was in the National Championship game twice in your years there? I went to more soccer games than football games... you needed to spend more times away from the constant frat parties, no doubt...


A women's soccer game? Many of my college years are a haze but I can say with complete confidence that I never went to one. I have no doubt, however, that a player like yourself was hanging around the locker room waiting to get a signed sports bra.

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