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21 July 2008


Jayne Cravens

My elementary school was the "Red Devils" until several years ago, when someone decided that was un-Christian; it was changed to the "Rebels." Before they could decide if the mascot drawing would be a "Rebel" as in those that fought against the British for independence, or a "Rebel" as in those who wanted to preserve slavery -- or perhaps a "Rebel" as in "Star Wars" -- the elementary school was closed due to falling enrollment.


Never mind the bright sparks who think 'crusade' is still an appropriate term for Christian proselytizing movements. Billy Graham crusades and Campus Crusade for Christ are the obvious ones...

holy land tours

Aren't there any good-vibes mascots? Either of them both made any good for Israel, the holy land, and don't have to be remembered. What about any Moshe Rabenu macot? :)

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