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14 July 2008



I remember when I began reading your blog posts and how entertained I was; I just had to contact you. I thought this woman has either got to be a comedian or a very serious marketing writer. I still think both.

This article is so profound that I'm going to just put a note on my own blog and link to it. It's one everyone should read. I guess it takes all kinds to try to penetrate a consulate in a no-way-out place such as Istinye, but what's more, how do they get approved for their grants? This is a mystery.


Just from a glance at that photo, an air assault would not do much better. If you are thinking 1) parachuting in, well possible, but I doubt they would get farther than outer courtyards. Landing on roofs works if you are ready to use (and have access too) large explosions in VERY small packages. Bigger than a hand grenade. Plastic stuff would do the trick. But that makes a lot a noise, locks down the place, and gets angry Jarheads outa bed. 2) An open aerial attack, from say, big boys with fighter aircraft. And something inside had better be pretty important to blow up, cause violating Turkish airspace is going to piss off the TAF. And we sold/help them build LOTS of F-16's. Plus the Jarheads who will be gotten outa bed. The ones that sleep with a surface to air missle within arms reach that is. And 3) Kamakazie/9-11 type attack. Turkish security at the Airports in Istanbul is pretty good, so that doesn't worry me. That and they once again piss off the TAF if they do that. Doesn't take long to scramble fighter aircraft if a plane is hijacked. So you have about 3 minutes to locate your target and crash your plane for maximum destruction. If your flying a cessna, you scratch the walls. But a big plane full of fuel would, well cause WTC damage. But a LOT of innocent neighbors would get killed too. Sorta defeats the purpose when it comes to propaganda.
But anyone stupid enough to do that would have to be using turklogic in conjunction with turknology. A scary combination, if not overly deadly.


Um. Wow. Roy. You've really spent a lot of time thinking about this! Next time I plan to fund some terror, I will definitely ask you to submit a proposal. Yah. For sure.


Am posting a link to this on my blog--priceless!

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