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07 July 2008


Dave in Iowa City

That's helpful. My girlfriend and I are visiting Istanbul next month and we were sure oil wrestling was a must-do activity for the sheer spectacle of it all. I'm pretty sure this blog entry gave me all I needed. Thanks!

I enjoy your writing.



A couple of things. 1) isn't it odd that the first two comments are by people from Iowa? You are hitting a weird demographic. 2) I have been to Edirne, and it is one of my favorite places in Turkey. I was told by my Turkish hosts that it is the #1 spot for drinking per person in all of Turkey. So it is no wonder I thought the place rocked. Basically all the caybahce's also served at least beer. Which is a good thing all around. 3) Keep safe, I know you are a tough cookie, and have canine protection :-) , but from what I read lately Turkey is becoming less ahhh, foriegner friendly. 4) I think I will go get a small raki and drink it to your health!

Take care,


Roy in Cedar Rapids Iowa

Oh yea, and I am in Cedar Rapids.


Carpetblog: HUGE in Iowa!

Always careful around here, Roy, but I think there's not much to worry about unless you're cop standing outside the consulate....


This sounds so much more entertaining than a Giants game! But the teens sound like the ones we encountered last weekend at Great America.

With all the olive oil, imagine how soft these men's skin must me? The Turks knew the secret before American beauty mags.


Good times!

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