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19 August 2008



Oh, having moved from Ankara to Abu Dhabi, I have really wondered which of the 2 rival claims to the biggest flag (or pole or whatever) was really true - because I'm not curious enough to go measure... but now you've enlightened me to the truth!!!


That flagpole-builder should watch out someone doesn't pull an Ivan the Terrible and poke his eyes out once he finishes building their record-breaking pole.


Flagpole fever must be sweeping through the Turkics these days. This summer while visiting Istanbul we happened to take the ferry from Kadikoy to Eminonu and noticed on the Eminonu side what must have been a flag of about 3-5 stories tall planted along the coast road that runs below the Topkapi Palace. Not sure how tall the flagpole was but i guess it had to be at least a couple of hundred feet.

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