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25 September 2008



It all sounds innocent. He, I was in 1977 in Egypt, crossed the border with Sudan, and no tax on my booz!
Good times.
Good to see that you enjoy Arab countries, I don't, only when I am completely drunk! Into space, in the arms of Allllaah....)


Tang!? I love Tang. There is no melamine in Tang, either.

Please tell me that there are vacant apartments in Istanbul; as we may be moving there after this election.

Fun Lilliy

and a SR15 iPod earphones ( in Jeddah Duty Free)... cheers


like Madrid late last year. I got away with two bottle of sun tan lotion and on another trip there was never searched...just hand waved thru as three, THREE, guards sat and bs'd to each other. gotta love it

Frank Baier

Can I buy xanax in duty free?

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