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11 November 2008



Excellent reportage! Not only did Deli Komsu grab his crotch, he made a rude gesture that involves forming a circle with his thumb and index finger... soon thereafter one of the neighbors gestured in a way that seemed to be saying that the nutjob had a gun. None was found, so maybe she was just asking the Western Cowboys to shoot him?

Oh, and the "useless" women at the dinner party, dubbed thusly by the Pirate Spokesman himself, stayed back at the ranch to watch a couple of very fun episodes of a TV show so appropriately titled for this evening: Mad Men


Clearly, the producer's fault for getting between a man and his tire. Never underestimate the seductive powers of rubber.

Jennifer Webber

Another entertaining Sunday dinner! Sounds like the smartest ones were the dog children.

fun Lilliy

Wow and I was thinking to rent a holiday apartment on my next visit to Istanbul.. hmmm.. I have to rethink that...I was looking at the Cihangir area.. may be I sohould just stick to boutique hotels..


Wow! Way to hog all the interesting domestic disturbances! I am beginning to regret McCain losing because if he won I was threatening to move in with you!


This would have never happened if McCain had been elected.


oh go ahead and book your trip. this was CUKURCUMA, one 'hood over from Cihangir, which has a much classier bunch of nutjobs.


Yes, but were YOU wailing? Or, laughing at the Producer who got himself in this mess by defying the non-smoking part of the vows....certainly entertaining, the Producer is.


My, but my dinner parties are never so interesting as this. Clearly, I need to up the alchohol content. And perhaps farm some out to the neighbors as well.


Wow!! Are we going to be there during one of your dinner parties?

Account Deleted

Sounds like an episode of Arka Sokaklar!

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