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21 December 2008



gummy bears ..... missing a bit of the post I think.


You guys kill me. Wish you were here or we were there. It would be much more fun (we have 10" of snow, a little ice and it is 19 degrees out)


I think the ginger kondu was made all the more real when it collapsed.


just like half the roofs in Portland. Only now they are under water because it warmed up and started to rain. Got to love the Arctic Blast/tropical hurricane combo. We got 2" of rain New Years Eve/Day and are expected to get another 1-3" between last night and Wednesday.


Damn I'm jealous, my pepparkakshus broke in the box. :-(

Account Deleted

You people are a tiny bit condescending, aren't you?

I know it must be distressing to live in the same city as all these involuntarily poor, uneducated people who weren't born into circumstances fortunate enough to enable them to globtrot around and complain about other cultures, but I think making a gingerbread house that makes fun of the slum/shantytowns is a little distasteful. I guess when the next big earthquake hits Istanbul you'll just say to yourself that the Proles had it coming.

Account Deleted

sorry Megan I didn't mean that specifically to you, but rather the authors of the blog

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