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03 December 2008



Ah, I remember the days when The Producer was not a fan of "the other white meat". Made catering a PIA! Hmmmm. I wonder if the Bacon of the Month club will ship to Istanbul? I'll have to check on that!


ILIQTT? Really? That's just filthy! (And, hey, if Red State Sibling is from Colorado, she's no longer in a red state! Woo hoo!)


Speaking from my exalted place in Budapest, where all you can buy is made of red wine and pork, What me and the Missus miss most is lamb and sour beet juice. Wanna trade places? And, hey, with a nice bottle of Buzbag, who can argue? We used to live on Tomtomkapitan, between Istiklal and Cihangir: getting booze meant climbing uphill in either direction while our Kurdish neighbors scowled... And yes, the Bulgarian border is an unfortunate place. While we were checked lightly, the Ukrainians and Moldovans on our bus were relieved of all the hundreds of bottles of cheap booze they were hopeing to smuggle into Turkey.

Gram Parsons

All this ado about figuring out how to bring in food indulgences. Sounds like you've been hanging out with too many US Embassy people; this kind of stuff is their idea of entertaining cocktail party conversation.

Pokerci Hoca

I love the "Booze Dolabı!"

And yeah, unfortunately duty free seems to be the best option. Thanks to friends who travel frequently, I've purchased close to 20 bottles in the last 6 months.


I don't know what kind of diplomats you hang around with, GP, but the ones I know have access to the commissary and never have to worry about things like this, thus freeing up conversational resources for more germane topics such as circumcision and artificial insemination of cattle.


oh, Dumneazu, I take issue with the very term "good bottle of Buzbag." I won't quibble with your geography, though -- we're just down the street from where you were.

the Husband

Turkish wine has improved immeasurably over the last few years but Buzbag remains atrocious..... Kavaklidere wines are drinkable, with Cankaya or Yakult an acceptable table wine. I do agree though that their price is high compared to equivalent quality such as Chilean wines in the US, $10 for 1.5l of Concha y Toro works for me. Just accept you have to pay more for good stuff. You can buy imported wine but ouch.....

As for beer Efes is okay with the only real beer available from Taps in Tesvikiye and at some stores that sell bottled Taps.


I lived there for 3 years and would get some of my food homesickness remedies from camlik in bebek. i would also bring back these things. they are precooked bacon slices and you can really pack a lot in a suitcase


I shall send you some canned musk ox, the other other white meat. Perhaps it will give you new ideas.


I think you are in Cihangir??? I', not a pork eater but you can get it at 'Sute' in the carsi off Istiklal or in Mecidiyekoy....or get on the ferry to Kadikoy and got to Moda...a shop called 'Milka', sells ham and what I'm told are great pig sausages.


Yes, you can certainly get it around town but a). the selection is very limited, b) the quality can vary and c) the prices are exorbitant.


Pork is good but musk ox is pushing it too far.


We do feel your pain. Well, not on the pork front thanks to Malaysia's pork-worshipping Chinese. I might even say Malaysia has the tastiest, porkiest pork in all of SE Asia!
But back to the booze - a bottle of Absolute costs U$40 here - and that's a smaller-than-regular-size bottle. A bottle of wine that would cost $7 in the US costs $25 here. Want some cooking wine? Figure to spend at least U$10. We have no local wine industry, or decent local beer. (A bottle of crappy locally-brewed Heineken costs U$ 2.50+ in the store). To top it all off, we're only allowed ONE bottle duty-free, coming in.
What's the point of all this? Not sure. But you don't have it SO bad ... everything's relative.


one bottle at duty free?? Sounds like you need some consulting services from ILIQT!

the Husband

for those of you in Turkey who have a few YTL to spend check out the following web site:


Should satisfy your vinophile cravings

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