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26 January 2009



You mean it is ever possible to do it in one visit. Remember the n-1 rule. When in a foreign country, the number of documents you actually have is always one more or one less than you need. If you don't know this rule, it is definitely n-1, so you always have to come back a second time, when the rule may also apply. If you are very clever, and telephone ahead to check or get a local to check on your behalf, there will be one document requested which you don't have, which will take several other attempts to get. Then when you arrive in triumph with the famous document, you will find the n+1 rule applies, and you didn't need that document after all.

Been there done that.


spot on and hilarious


OK... I'm going to go and renew my residence permit on Tuesday. I signed up for an appointment online, where it automatically filled in my residence declaration and permit. Pretty cool. According to the first page, I must bring:
B)passport and corresponding photocopies
c) 1 pink-colored manila folder with clips for punched papers!!!!
d)a bank statement
e) residence permit and corresponding photocopies.

we'll see if they try to pull the n+1 rule ....


``Mernis formu var mi?''

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