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21 January 2009



so sad...

The blogger formerly known as enidd

I'm so sorry. Both my dogs were put to death last summer by the Humane Center of San Mateo county, and I still cry almost every day.


My condolences to you. This is always so hard. I had a cat who died of kidney failure at only 3 years and I swore I would never have another animal and I had a cat back in my flat in 7 months. As hard as it is to let them go, think about how empty your life would have been if they had never been in it in the first place. Hang in there.....


I read somewhere that we must cherish our animals because they provide the quiet comfort we can't find elsewhere. (Mo was anything BUT quiet, but he still had that unconditional love thing going on....)

Melissa Maples

Oh no, that's terrible news. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, clearly Mo was a fantastic dog.


As a dog lover and a lurker, my deepest sympathies. I'm so sorry.

Jayne in Germany

I'm so sorry. What a sweet face that dog has. Obviously a very-loved soul. I so enjoyed your story of Mo. Please give your other carpet dog an extra dose of hugs and kisses. And celebrate Mo's life.

I had to put one of my dogs down two years after I arrived in Germany, and another down two years after that. I miss them both every day. I guess Mo is playing with them now at the Doggy Heaven Dogpark. No one has to scoop there.

I still have a dog, Albi, my Hungarian princess. And, no doubt, she'll break my heart eventually...

Jennifer Webber

We love you, Mo.


I am so very sorry. Mo was one of the last great production dogs. I have always lived vicariously through my friends pets and Mo was always a favorite. I will miss him greatly

Kim H

I'm really sorry and sympathize with the depth of your love for your dog. Peace to both of you through this difficult time. Kim


Good Citizens rarely are any fun, anyhow. Mo was fun. Always fun. You know, he was the only dog my Yellow Dog would ever play with.


My heart is broken! Since our little girl also came from the SFSPCA, I feel as if they are somehow bonded, separated though they are in age by a solid decade. Know that you gave him the best life he could have hoped for, especially considering the fate of so many un-rescued surrendered dogs.

Red State Sibling

I am not a stupid sheep!


I am so sorry. As I look at my beloved monster/cat, wondering what evil thoughts are filtering through her puny brain, I am reminded that we humans need someone to keep us on our toes, put us in our place, and keep us focused on the real priorities - being faithful and obedient servants to the animal kingdom. It sounds like Mo fulfilled his destiny in spades, having thoroughly dominated his humans for many years. Slava Carpetdogs!


Our wishes are with you.

Even though I will never forget that sense of jealousy when Mo took over my spot in the back seat of your SUV.


So, so sorry to hear about this. Mo looks like he was a very noble (if inobedient) beast, indeed. Sympathies.


I'd like to think of Mo chasing skanky Turkish street cats through the streets of Istanbul. Must be doggy heaven.


So very sorry. I never met him, but always enjoyed seeing photos of him on your blog. He looks like a very good dog indeed.


So sorry to hear mo has left you! The dog was a character... won't be the same without him. Here's hoping a cute, clever little creature can fill in the gap someday.


so sad to read the bad news. i've been watching Mo on your blog for years, he really looked like he had great character.


What a beautiful tribute to our Moshan; you couldn't have said it better Christy. He had the ability to be etremely obnoxious one minute and 5 minutes later he was so endearing you just couldn't resist loving him.

The ancestors will miss him so much.......and miss having the police knock on the door on Father's Day because of some random "non good citizen" behavior......or miss having him pee on my leg!


Mo, like all good dogs will be missed by this ancestor. Remember the good times and support Whit as it hurts just as much if you are a dog.


Thanks to all for their kind thoughts. We're finding that the dog we have left is much less disruptive -- she doesn't wake up at 6 am, she doesn't race down the stairs barking her head off when someone comes to the door and lies quietly under the table at cafes. Huh. But still.

Fun Lilliy

its always sad to lose a pet.. they become part of your family.. I lost a cat 10 years ago and was never albe to get another pet after he died afraid of losing another and have to have the same heart ach.. I am sorry for your lost..


We had problems with the vets in Baku, and had a very nice vet here in Cairo, who came to our house, when our dog past away, too.
My condolences. It's so hard to loose a pet.


I am sorry about your loss!


I'm so sorry to hear about one of your loyal companions. We animal lovers know they are like our kids and we treat them as such. Gecmis olsun, Carpetwoman.


türkmen halısı çok güzel. :=)


So sorry to hear about Mo, Christy. Sara and I wish you our best.

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