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30 January 2009



The American moderator interrupted him because it was "time for dinner."

I applaud Erdoğan for putting things in perspective: people are dying and he doesn't get the chance to mention this, despite the veneer of all is well in Switzerland for the elites awaiting their third square meal of the day.


I don't disagree that Peres needs to be put in his place, and Erdogan might not have been a bad choice to deliver the message. However, he might have figured out a less peevish way to deliver it. That move was purely for domestic political consumption. And there was not one person in that room who didn't know what's going on in gaza and they went on to eat dinner anyway.

Score one for the meaningless gesture.

Jayne in Germany

Best commentary I've heard on the "event" at Davos, hands down. Once again, you rock.


I agree Tay (we are so close I call him Tay) did that just for his domestic audience. Peres should have asked him how many Armenians it took rebelling before the Turkish army asked them so nicely to leave. Cause you know they held hands all the way to the border.

Oh I made it out alive (kids and old lady are still in Adana though)

And sorry to hear about your pet. I know how important they can be.



I'll have to disagree about not having a price to pay. Jewish lobby is angry and they have considerable influence(*) on American policy towards Turkey. Most if not all of our dealings with the congress, not limited to that traditional "business" every April, go through them. Last time when Erdogan accused Israel of state terror he had to go there with hat in hand before going to Washington (Cengiz Candar wrote a couple of columns about how he was forced to do so at the time).We'll see what happens this time.

(*)- Understatement.


The message got lost due to the way the message is delivered by the messenger. The act became the focal point rather than the action. But regardless, Turkey will gain some points within the Islamic arena. I hope the short term gain is not a long term loss.

From Israel's standpoint, it can't afford to have another leader in the region. And the short fuse displayed by Turks and their leaders were taken advantage of by the provocateurs. That there is no such thing as 'moderate' Islamic nation to be a model for others.

Turks should not rush to judgment via their emotions; rather examine the long term repercussions of losing their neutrality when it comes to being taken seriously as a mediator in the region.

We should all keep in mind the conflict in the MidEast is a socio-political one, and not a clash of religions. And criticizing Israel should not be taken as hating the Jews and the Jewish faith or anti-semitism...


Totally agree with you TT. Short term political domestic gain, long term regional loss. I'm glad Erdogan took Peres on. I am appalled at the way he did it.


Let's sing the applaud, everybody, Amen! Amen! Amen! Great post and so glad my two favorites have weighed in on the Davos fiasco.

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