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09 April 2009



For what it's worth, what I hear is that is was suspected a former Georgia Minister of Foreign Affairs, whom it seems the current government very much wanted to "speak with," was on that flight.

The "mistake" was in fact very much by design, though they may have been wrong about the former Foreign Minister, is seems.


I didn't even address the wild conspiracy theories in Georgia about this. Seriously, if Okashvilli was on that flight would they have landed at an airport with no radar? Would the plane have tried to take off again? There was also a rumor that it was full of Ukrainian special forces. The only people more ridiculous than Turks when it comes to conspiracy theories are former soviets. I'm not biting. If it was a Soviet airline, I'd buy. Turkish got its plane impounded for the effort.

short blonde neighbor

Breaking news: After 12 years as a captain at THY, "wrong runway landing pilot" Mehmet Kesik has offered his resignation, unable to endure the withering scorn of Carpetblogger.


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