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17 May 2009



Not bored. And not Tweeting. All you;ve missed thus far is four hours of sitting at K-dan tho we did get them to make real iced tea!


Not bored and not tweeting as well. Keep posting, please:)


How can your blog be boring when you are documenting Turkish Airlines that accidentally land in military bases in Georgia and then the pilots demand they are in the capital? Maybe this stuff has gotten old pat with you, but to the rest of the world, it is truly fascinating. I say, keep blogging. Also, I could not find you at the twitter address you mentioned.....

Michael J

Can you get a facebook page and link your bloggings to facebook?


I'm not on Twitter (not on Facebook either, I really have no interest in "connecting" with people from my high school), and your blog is anything but boring. Please keep posting here!!

Jayne no-longer-in-Germany

Let me repeat it as well:
Not bored and not tweeting as well. Keep posting, please! This is in my RSS reader, and I'm so excited when there is an update!


I also follow you with an RSS feed! Please keep blogging here. You make me laugh about the sometimes-illogical life here in the crazy 'Bull!

The fight with your neighbour is one of my fave stories.


Can you send your tweets to your blog? That would be cool. That would make it a blog-twit.

BTW, Safranbolu is fantastic. A little touristy, but the tourists are mostly turkish so it's OK. V. relaxing.


The Carpetblog is most definitely not boring. Especially since visiting Istanbul, I find your blog one of the best on the 'net. Certainly most entertaining. I follow you via RSS feed and second the comment by Jayne-NLIG above about the fight with the neighbors, and I also loved the Turkish Airlines mishap entry, all your stories about the various preparations and celebrations of religious festivals in your fair city, and your travel advice. Let's face it, your wit and wisdom cannot be contained in 160 characters (or whatever the limit Twitter limit is)!


Please do not stop blogging , i need this link . some of us live vicariously through you and your stuff. great memories of turkey and the sense of honour among the people .

Also love Russian stuff too i really get a feel for southern russia again through you. Possibly only men in world more obsessed with Honour than turks but great to have up a mountain with you. Thanks Anatoly that crevace was too near and too wide .

Never pick a fight with a turk . also helps when reading Barbara Nadel novels. I dont tweet either.

take care

Tax Fairy

Not bored--really enjoy your blog. Also, no twittering here.


You write far better than 140 characters can allow, and the photos are always stunning. I don't want to read tweet alerts about sheep slaughter at car washes and dangerously crazy people in Beyoglu. I want to SEE them.


Ditto, ditto, ditto! Keep blogging!! I'm another non-twitter. I follow only two blogs on a regular basis and yours is my fav even if it isn't always "regular". Went to Turkey, bought carpets, loved Cappadocia, want to return. Keep blogging because I'm not sure when I'll get there again.

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