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27 July 2009



re tips: sorry, still dreaming of el paso refried beans!

Melissa Maples

My holy grail is marshmallows - big, soft, fluffy Kraft marshmallows. I'd buy two bags, and I'd use one for rice krispie treats and save the other for hot chocolate weather.


I have to inform you of a very important place that seems to have been skipped by ILIQTT. The most Serine Republic of San Marino. It is completly surrounded by the country of Italy, and is close to the city of Rimini. It is a little out of the way. But the last time I was there they had NO tax on alcohol. And they had the best selection I have ever seen. There were busses from Poland that seemed to be doing nothing but bringing people in to buy alcohol.

And of course there is Helgoland which is a German island off the North Sea coast. Hell to get too, but once again, no sales tax, and dirt cheap alcohol. Just FYI! Oh and I love ILIQTT... if you say it right it is vaguely dirty!



Roy, that is the most useful piece of information that has ever been posted on this blog. Consider yourself a charter member of ILIQTT.


Always happy to be of assistance. And I am glad your able to get pork in Istanbul. I live in Iowa, where there are more pigs than people. But alas, I have married a Turk. And though I am allowed to eat pork, I almost never have it at home. How is that for a little bitter irony for you? I think I will go drown my sorrows in a glass of Raki or five.

Baku Steve

Duh, 5 litres of wine weighs 5 kilos (about). This blog used to be so great, now you can't even get your densities sorted. Tsk.


Pounds, kilos, whatevs. Better get that straight before we start importing hookers and blow, right?


Fantastic entry. The adventures of procuring booze and pork fascinate me. I plan on moving to Turkey so this is good preparation for me.


There IS a Pakistani restaurant in Istanbul, about 5 minutes from Carpetblogger Central... Taj Mahal (don't be fooled by the name) in Cihangir. It is more than acceptable, but stick with the heavy northern eats. A warning: the naan is basically pide. Not sure why...

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