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22 August 2009



Paying people NOT to drum sounds like a dangerous precedent. More of the money for nothing attitude but worse. Where exactly would you draw the line? Paying people NOT to paint graffiti or paying people NOT to go through red lights?
I also did not hear any racket last night but, until you mentioned it, I hadn't noticed. And.. for the most part all that slaughtering business is out of sight, as well. That, to me, is far worse.


“Some drummers are opportunists who accept tips to not drum on certain streets” – Extortion is an excellent career choice, I dare say.

I am going to be in Istanbul in early September in Sultanahmet, so I expect I’m going to be kept up all night. I’ll try to take your initial attitude of appreciation of a charming cultural tradition, though I cannot guarantee ladylike behavior if I’m woken at 3AM.


Ramadan is definitely harder for Muslims in the summer and easier in the winter. But from the standpoint of a non-Muslim in Istanbul, I prefer summer, because you don't get the 4:00 traffic jams from millions of people trying to get from work to their homes in time for iftar.

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