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06 September 2009



Such a loving tribute to two good, good dogs. So sorry for your loss.


We are poodle people and lost our old man P last year, and our sympathies are with you. Our new boy is poodlicious in an entirely different way and not only fills the gap but opens up a whole new field, mostly filled with badness but who would be without it? Dogless dog homes are a powerful vaccuum and we're sure karma will soon reward your kindness in some furry, drooling way.


It may be too soon for you to get a new dog but there are a sweet group of strays next to the hippodrome. There were eleven, but now it's down to four. I hope they are going to good homes. the mother is a sweet sweet angel of a dog, I visit her regularly. you can see them in my album at http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2993295&l=14618b6270&id=594422476. the restaurant next door would like to keep the brown one. I go down and see them everyday and I just hope they are going to good homes. I would take one but I will be leaving Istanbul soon and can't provide a stable home for them. I sure do love them though!


Oh I'm so sorry to hear this! Just heartbreaking. I cried reading your post. I hope you guys are doing OK.

Erin Kirkland

Indeed, roaring silence. Do not feel bad. Dogs know when their people love them.


Oh you guys I am so sorry! This is just so unfair! I will fondly remember the time Whitney took off just before Kevin and went out for breakfast. He must have chased her up and down the street for 10 minutes. She thought it was the best game ever!


I'm sitting at my desk with tears welled up in my eyes right now. Whit was obviously dearly loved. My thoughts are with you.

The blogger formerly known as enidd

Words, eh. Quite inadequate sometimes, especially when drunk as I am after another dogless day. I feel for you.


Sorry to hear about your dogs. I hope you all are staying above the flood plain at the moment, too.

Jayne Cravens

I'm so, so sorry for your loss. I'll toast to Whitty this evening, and give my Albi (from Hungary) some extra loving.


I agree with the above poster, animals know when they're loved and yours are no exception. Somewhere they're lying in the sun together.


So sorry, it's a nice elegy for a wonderful dog I wish I had had the chance to meet. May she rest in peace in doggie heaven.


Crying Out Loud - you have my sympathies. Whitney - RIP.

scary azeri

I am so sorry. My first dog fell of our Baku flat balcony (5th floor, so was pretty dead) in the middle of the night and it took us a very long time to get over that. I can joke about it now- easy!- but then it was truly a nightmare. The only thing that healed me was getting another dog, I have to say. The flat was just too empty without one.


Just saw this. One dog in a year is bad enough. Two I can't imagine. So sorry for your loss. Gonna go hug our 3 canine numbnuts now.

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