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16 February 2010


Little Miss Moi

Dear carpetblogger. All I know about mingus is that Helena Christensen gave her child that name. Or it was the name of the father of her child. Something. But that's the only time i've ever heard the name Mingus.

Baku Steve

So good to have you back C.

Jayne no-longer-in-Germany

But have you been to the nephew's taco stand yet? (yes, the comments on the news story were worthwhile).


Hey! Nice job on the web re-design. Love it. Have to confess my naivety here on the "dry" county thing. We have those in the U.S.? I know I don't get out of the Bay Area much, but...well, maybe that's why I don't get out much. (BTW, how does one get drunk on Coors light?) Good to have you back.


keep blogging. please.

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