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27 July 2010



If you talk nice to Cow Kiz she might send some fresh eggs over. ;-)


This is the funniest occurrence I have read about in a while. Hope you have recovered. Keep them coming. Thanks.

The Turkish Life

I guess all the trucks that keep bashing into the side of your house didn't get the memo that the sokak is blocked to traffic. But I can vouch for you on the ferret sighting!


The Cihangir Chicken Tickler is our mutual friend!

Account Deleted

You didn't see a ferret, you saw a marten (it's a sansar in Turkish). They're all over the city. I have a pair (and occasionally a littler of kits) living in between my ceiling and the upper floor. They're feisty, almost nasty creatures, but hey, they eat rats.

I would pay money to see your köylü neighbors' apartment. Watch out on kurban bayramı...

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