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10 October 2010



Thank you Carpetblogger. Many times I have been recommended by locals in this part of the world that I really should shop in Dubai. I was even told that I could get a whole apartment furnished and container it up and send it by air to Vilnius, as someone's friend had just done.

True, the choice in Tbilisi is not wonderful. But the mind boggles at what might be available in Dubai. Russian prostitute style for my apartment? I think not.

So my suspicions are confirmed that I can manage without a trip to Dubai, and Kabul for that matter.

I'm sure you are right, that Dubai now exists purely to service Kabul,Baghdad and Kandahar returnees. Though once it seemed to exist only to service Ukrainian devyushkas.


Great post. You're a brilliant writer. I am addicted to your blog, I have spent a fair bit of time in most of the places you write about, albeit not Kabul! Let me know if you're ever in Sydney.

Jayne Cravens

I loathe Dubai, for all the reasons you've said, but, indeed, was so grateful for it every time I stepped off the plane from Kabul. Very, very sorry I didn't know about The Le Meridien all those times I was in Dubai! Will definitely check it out next time... if there is a next time... I'm on my way to Kabul. Do they still have Terminal 2, the oh-so-less-glamorous terminal where everyone is on their way to some incarnation of Crapistan?


Jayne, Le Meridien is awesome -- I just discovered it and will hit it every time I have more than a couple hours.

There is still Terminal two, and it specializes in flights from Peshwar, Kandahar, and places I have never heard of in Iran and Iraq etc from what I can tell. I wanted to include how my taxi driver got lost going from term 2 to term 1 (srsly) and I ended up in downtown at the Creek.

Alt Shahan

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