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03 October 2011



Dear Carpetblogger,

Yours is an absolutely best blog I have ever, ever read, and am now eagerly reading all your older post....

So intelligent, poisonous and refreshing.

Myself now, snoozing with an invalided kitten in Croatia ( another mad country), but I have also lived in Middle East ( addicted to it, sorry...) for a very loong time...Of course, I also share the crippling and dangerous love for the kilims and carpets, though in my seaside apartment, I have but one average, average kaskhai, and hand-embroidered Kashmere one...( was poor at the moment of purchase)

I send you love and sincere wish that you have many, many more wild nights and days in your wonderful oddisey, inshaallah


Nice find, and I agree the lack of Georgian restaurants in Istanbul is inexplicable, although at least there was Georgian wine at the airport last time I was there. It is a pet peeve of mine that there are no Georgian restaurants in Sydney, although thousands of Thai restaurants etc. At least there are a few good ones in London these days.


Thanks for the kind words Ana!

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